Business And E Commerce In 2020

By 2020, business and E-commerce in India is set to experience a significant increase in the number of people accessing its websites. According to a study conducted by the Institute Of Marketing Studies, the sales in the country’s E-commerce market will reach a new high, and the number of customers will increase by over six percent. This will take India up to the top spot in terms of global E commerce market penetration.

International Studies

As per the study conducted by the institute, there are around two million people in India, who will access business and E-commerce websites in this country. This is expected to increase to nine million by 2020.

E-commerce and marketing have become a major priority in the economy of India. This is mainly due to the increase in the number of people accessing the internet and the increasing need of services like shopping and banking. Therefore, both the sectors have become intertwined and have grown at the same time.

The growth of business and E-commerce in India is expected to continue and is predicted to grow at a faster rate in the coming years. As compared to other countries, India is ahead when it comes to e commerce and marketing, mainly because of its strong infrastructure and advanced technology.

The cost of marketing and business in India is also less than any other country. Therefore, in India, the government has worked hard to ensure that there are effective marketing strategies to promote the country in order to create more traffic to the website.

Main Challenges Facing Businesses

Moreover, India has been able to develop an extensive network of telecommunication companies. This has helped to promote and expand the business and E-commerce in India at a much faster rate. in 2020 | business} Business and E-commerce in India has a huge potential for growth. If the right strategies are taken in the right direction, it is possible to double the number of people accessing the website in the coming years. It is also possible to double the number of customers that visit the website.

The biggest challenge facing the country is that its E-commerce market is limited to the country’s south and central areas. The north and east areas have been slow in developing their E-commerce market, mainly due to the economic constraints.

The internet has become the biggest communication tool in India and the world over, which will also help to expand the business and E-commerce in India. This is one of the major reasons for the growth of India’s E-commerce market.