Stay Motivated At Work This Summer

The sun may be shining outside, but if you are spending your day in the office you may be finding it difficult to maintain enthusiasm. Not to worry, here are a few simple ways you can stay motivated at work this summer.

Get up & Out

Rise and shine as it is time for some early morning exercise. If you are looking for a reason to stay motivated while you are at work, spend some time outside before you get to your office. =Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel happier, which will hopefully provide a chain reaction when it comes to staying motivated at work.

Don’t push yourself too hard, but some light exercise before you enter the office will make you feel much more at ease when you start your day. You could also save some money by walking to and from your work place – try it!



Whether it is inside or outside of the office it is incredibly important that you make an effort with your co-workers to chat about things that don’t always need to be about work. It takes two to tango and if you and an employee are working in the same area ask them to grab coffee, lunch, or head to the gym together!

Make sure that you are making the most of your work time by spending it with a team member who you truly get on with.  Try to introduce a tradition like a drink at Friday lunch time or a monthly bake off. This will boost team morale as well as your spirit too!

Aim High

Go for gold! Make sure you are always developing your skills and giving yourself the chance to grow professionally. Sometimes it is nice to feel comfortable in the workplace but every now and then it is important that you step out of your comfort zone and see where the magic happens. There will be a number of courses out there are that are suitable for your skills, find one and book it! If your employer wants to support your professional development they will understand your passion and ambition when it comes to learning.

Sleep Tight

Remember, the end of your day is just as important as the start which means you must get enough sleep. Waking up and feeling rested is the best way to start the day, something we cannot reiterate this enough.

Make sure that you simply switch off and reenergize each night. A good sleep routine will allow you to feel brighter and more organised, reducing stress and anxiety.

On that note – its break time and you should be taking daily breaks from the office. Enjoy a walk to the park or the local coffee shop and take some you time.  If you are feeling stressed removing yourself from your desk is the only way to regain some perspective. Once you return its time to turn back on after a recharge.