Success in Business – Key Factors

Some people dream of their career for their whole life. They imagine what they will be from a young age. For many this is a career in owning their own business. There are a huge amount of choices to be made; what industry do you want to operate in, what will your business offer and how will you make your business a success. Success and failure come down to many factors and whilst some external factors, like the economy, take things out of your hands there are key factors which could contribute to your success. These are things you should take note of when looking to make a success in business.

Be a Good Person

When people imagine being a successful business they think of factors including profit, productivity and performance. What they forget to do is develop themselves as a person. Entrepreneur Magazine have said that in order to become a better business person you must first become a better person. In order to have loyal customers and employees you need to become the kind of person you would want to work for or buy a product/service from. There are various ways you can achieve this; be authentic, be consistent with your relationships and learn to honestly care about people. If becoming a better person you are likely to attract a loyal customer base and have faithful employees that will stay with your company for a long time. 

Never Settle

There are many things which fall into this. When it comes to being more productive, you should never settle on a simple number, say 15%. Look for ways to constantly improve and innovate that way you will be always moving forward. You should also never compromise on big issues, like your core values or vision. These should be a constant and never be changed or compromised, compromising is for smaller issues.

Be Patient & Realistic

There is no worse fate for people in business than underestimating how long it will take for success. Within this time it is extremely easy to blow your business and get no where but bankruptcy. Figure our what your budget is and cut this in half. It is likely to take twice as long as you think to achieve your goals and by the time you get there you are likely to spend twice as much as you think you will. Being realistic and managing your expectations is half the battle in business. It’s OK to dream big but don’t expect it to be an overnight success.

Do Something You Are Passionate About.

This is a big one. If you ever want to make something a success you must be passionate about it, live it and breathe it. Being lack lustre has never got anyone anywhere good. If you aren’t passionate about what you do then you will struggle to sustain the business you are in. It’s similar to when you were told to pick a dissertation project for university, everyone is advised to write about something they are genuinely interested in and interested in what the outcome of the research is, you should adopt the same attitude for business.


The same can be said for employees. If you don’t hire people who are passionate about what you do in business then they will be less productive and less likely to show a good example of your business.