Benefits of Having a Regular Boiler Service Glasgow

Any machinery or equipment that is constantly running and is powering an integral part of any building should be serviced regularly to ensure there are no faults or issues that could potentially lead to a breakdown. This is especially true for domestic boilers. We rely on our boilers to heat our homes and in many cases provide us with hot water as well. Both of which are a necessity in today’s modern world. This is particularly true for Glasgow home in the winter since the weather is often wet and freezing cold. This guide aims to highlight the benefits of having a regular boiler service Glasgow.

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Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Arranging a regular boiler service Glasgow could help prevent serious problems from arising. Although your boiler may be working as normal there could be small idiosyncrasies or underlying faults that although don’t affect the overall functionality of the outlet they could worsen over time and result in a breakdown. You may be thinking it is no big deal to have someone fix it if and when it breaks down. However in the cold winter months, going without heat or hot water for any length of time can be extremely uncomfortable. Plus the winter is the busiest period for companies specialising in boiler service Glasgow. Therefore it is logical to arrange to have your annual boiler service Glasgow in months before winter. This will give you plenty of time to have any problems resolved before the cold weather sets in.


A Regular Boiler Service Glasgow is Cost Effective

For those who are living on a tight budget, you may be thinking that paying for someone to check your boiler every year only to confirm that it is working correctly may seem like unnecessary expense. However it is really the opposite. Think of your boiler service Glasgow as insurance. It may be difficult to appreciate the benefits if you have nothing visually representing the advantages.

However if your boiler was to break down, especially in winter and you couldn’t get a repair man out straight away you would end up phoning an emergency engineer. This could cost you a lot of money. Plus there is the stress and inconvenience of the breakdown itself and there is always the possibility that you need an entirely new boiler which may not be delivered for several days. It is much better to pay for an annual boiler service at a reasonable price than risk the chance of a pricey and traumatising breakdown in the middle of winter.

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Regular Boiler Servicing as Part of a Comprehensive Package

DMS Installations offers a fully comprehensive boiler service Glasgow which includes the following:


The engineer will inspect your boiler controls to ensure they are working properly


The engineer will check for leaks and corrosions


The casing will be removed to test functionality


A pressure check ensures your boiler is working at the correct pressure


A flue test enables the engineer to be sure no dangerous emission are being released


All parts will be cleaned and put back together

Report of Your Boiler Service Glasgow

You will have a full report detailing the safety of your boiler